The tourism such as we conceive it is a proposal of diverse experiences. Our aim is to underline what la Provence has best to deliver. Gastronomic experiences with the best chefs of the region that will work with regional products and will share their exclusive recipes. The local products will be honoured throughout a sensational cooking session. The wine lovers will be elated to participate to wine tours in Champagne or Bourgogne.

Our nature is extremely rich and abundant. We will organise your tours all around this wonderful that gathers the most beautiful lavender fields, vineyards as you dreamt it. Besides, you will get familiar with the Cote D'azur most beautiful beaches to relax, or even spend a day trekking in the mountains.

On top of that, we want to immerse our guests within our culture by organising museum visits and exhibitions. We will get you to understand the history of Provence, and where the region is moving towards to. In other words, we will tickle your five senses in order for you to have the best journey imaginable.