Country, bohemian, rustic style Wedding

You come from all over the world to celebrate your family event, festive, moving and intense in France. We must plan everything so that your reception reflects your desires. We will work on the project as you imagine it, once we have chosen the place of your marriage or ceremony of commitment.
We will choose together the components which we work with: colors, flowers, materials, style, and layout of spaces, furniture ...
A advising job, which we can manage from overseas and that we refine with you when you arrive for the day and evening.
Vintage, bohemian, retro, rustic, simple but refined, the design of the event subilmates the place of reception.

Of course, the "signature marriages" of chefs close to the land, will adopt this style of bohemian and rustic decoration. The marriage signature by Fabien Morreale is an example: Signature Wedding by Fabien Morreale