Muslim weddings, traditions and Halal gastronomy

The Islamic faith is the second largest religion and while it is not specific to the Arab culture, the traditions are seen most prominently in the Middle East and in Indonesia. Traditions may differ depending on the culture, but our key-role is to embrace the spirit of your ceremony.

"Henna" ceremonies are usually held a few days before the union, with the bride and her closest female friends and family members. Traditional songs and dances will be part of the ceremony.

The place of the reception might be a house belonging to the bride's family, or a special house that we can rent for you.

Baths might be used in order to cleanse and purify the couple before the union. We will help find traditional singers and dancers in this festive process. Destination Bienvenue helps you throughout these steps, so that you live the wedding of your dreams!

We have made a selection of the finest halal caterers for a gastronomic dinner shared with your guests.

Decoration is even more important for a muslim wedding, that is why we provide thrones for the couple, space for clothes changing..

Our master of ceremony knows exactly the distinct traditions according to countries that we welcome, and will manage this beautiful ceremony in this best possible way.

Music and animations will be discussed, so the artists can choose music that is typical of country of origin, as you wish!