Mixed and international Weddings

“Ritual brings us together; it helps us to understand where we come from and where we are going. The whole idea of a wedding ritual is to have a little reflection.”

In today's generation and more than ever, inter-cultural wedding occur more often and we will be alongside in this marvellous adventure!

Since 2002, we have encountered families with various roots and traditions. It turns out that the harmony within the families have always been amazing. From the wedding's theme, music and animations, to the place of reception, everything will work out perfectly fine!

We like to proceed in a very customised way of thinking for weddings with different traditions. It will mostly on how you want to blend your differences, in order to honour your heritage.

If you are having a highly personalised interfaith and/or intercultural wedding, there are many options for your big day. Some couples prefer not focus at all on religion or spirituality, and that totally fine. The most important thing is to celebrate your love, honour your families, and select rituals and customs that are meaningful for everyone.