Jewish weddings, from Sephardic to Ashkenazi Traditions

Jewish marriage is regulated by the Jewish religion both on ritual traditions and practices and on the lives of individuals. It is a religious act of sanctification and elevation.

Both men and women agree to live in love and mutual respect. They will have to transmit to their future progeny the traditional values. The man (hatan) and the woman (kala) prepare to guarantee the religious, spiritual and moral aspects.

The ceremonial must symbolise the beauty of their relationship as well as their obligations to the Jewish people. It is the rabbi who celebrates the marriage and blesses the bride and groom.

The wedding takes place under the nuptial canopy (houpa) in the synagogue. It symbolises the bride's entrance into her new home and divine protection. The bridegroom passes the wedding ring on the finger of his bride before two witnesses, then the couple drinks a cup of wine.

The rabbi reads the ketuba, a marriage certificate. It is signed by the two witnesses and the bride and groom. The bridegroom promises to protect his wife.

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