Hindu Weddings

We welcome your beautiful traditions with open arms, and together we will celebrate one of the most important religion in many countries such as India or Nepal.

The Indian culture celebrates marriage as a sacrament or a sanskara, a ritual which enables two individuals to start their journey together, as one. The three essential moral values in Hinduism (happiness, harmony and growth) will be respected in your ceremony!

You will have the chance to celebrate the engagement party known as Mangi, that will occur a few months before the wedding ceremony. Jewelry and clothes will be offered to the couple as a blessing.

The bride and her friends will have a Mehndi party before the day of the wedding. This is where the bride is adorned with intricate henna designs on her arms, hands, legs and feet. The Mehndi represents the strength of love in a marriage and the darker the colour, the stronger the love is.

For the elements of the ceremony:

The arrival of the "Vara Yatra". The groom and his family arrive at the ceremony with much singing and dancing where they are greeted by the bride and her family.

Grahashanti – The nine planets are invoked and blessings are received from each planet.

Kanyadan – The bride is led in by a brother or an uncle. The bride’s parents are waiting with the groom to offer their daughter in marriage. The parents wash the feet of the bride and groom with milk and water.

Hastamilap – The bride and groom’s right hands are wrapped tightly with cotton thread. The multiple layers of it make it strong symbolising a strong marriage and an unbreakable bond.

During the ceremony the bride and groom are seated in front of a holy fire and family members are invited to make offerings in the fire. The bride and groom walk around the fire four times and vows are spoken to validate the marriage.

Dhruvadarshan – The conclusion of the ceremony is where the priest directs the newlyweds eyes to the north star which is a constant among the shifting constellations around it. This symbolises that the marriage will be steadfast, just like the north star.