Mariages du monde, cérémonies et cultures

Notre expérience nous appris à connaitre tous les détails, les traditions des différentes cultures lors de moments importants de la vie. Naissance, mariages, fêtes... Nous avons eu comme clients des familles des Philippines, du Maroc, de Russie, des Etas Unis, Angleterre, Inde, Thailande, Suede...Chaque tradition doit être considérée et nous nous efforçons de travailler en équipe autour des familles.

Each culture has its own special ways of celebrating and honouring the combining of two lives, many of those traditions have been lovingly passed on for many generations. It’s a way not only to personalise their ceremony, but to honour their heritage. We take the time to reveal the secrets of wedding of all religions that we have the honour to organise. It's been fifteen years, and every single wedding was designed with passion and devotion. We have had the chance to meet newlyweds of all denominations, and from around the world! Russia, Israel, North Africa, the United States, Philippines, Asia, India ...

Special attention must be deployed when we are dealing with religions and traditions. It is sacred, for many people a huge part of of our identity, and therefore must be approached with respect and attention. Thanks to our work experience with many different traditions, we will know how to handle your wedding in order to match your expectations in the most beautiful manner. The ceremony is the most delicate moment, and we accompany the bride and groom in this essential step of the wedding.