La cérémonie laique ou religieuse

Depuis de nombreuses années nous accompagnons nos clients dans l'organisation de cérémonies laïques ou religieuses en extérieur.

Pas de doute sur plaisir d'être entouré de ses proches! Nous organisons la décoration de l'arche ou du dais nuptial, l'intervention de maitres de cérémonies et la fête qui suit!

Your wedding at the town hall is very often in your country of residence. We accompany you mostly for the secular ceremony or engagement ceremony.
It is indeed about feelings, emotions, and preparation in the intimacy of the ceremony of your day. For different confessions, mixed marriage, the commitment ceremony is really the important moment of your marriage. It is therefore essential for us to create the mood you want.

Our team of officiants will follow you during the months before the wedding, preparing texts, choice of music, and general atmosphere. The officiating master of ceremony will contact your witnesses, your family, to organize this thrilling moment. On the day of the wedding, of course, he accompanies you and animates the ceremony.