Lieux en Provence : Chateaux, Domaines, Villas, Venues, Castles, gardens

Nous avons sélectionné des villas, des chateaux et domaines qui répondent aux attentes de nos clients. Pour passer des vacances sans contrainte et surtout organiser un événement sans faute! De prestations haut de gamme sont offertes, et les détails font le différence. Accueillir, recevoir en Provence? nous vous permettons ce luxe!

Our beautiful country is the place for your perfect day. Thanks to our experience in the wedding field, we have studied and gathered our favourite wedding venues for your memorable day. We are dealing exclusively with venues with high luxury and charisma such as marvellous castles, gardens, or other estates of exception. A private moment within the heart of the French masterpiece venues, where the French heritage has been created. Our large selection of venues, and our experience will help you match your wedding theme and the place of the reception.