Lavender tour, an experience in Provence

Among the services we offer for the days leading up to an event, the discovery of the most beautiful regions of France.
Here is one of the themes that seduces visitors, lavender and the discovery of the south of France in the colors of lavender.
In Provence, the lavender fields are a sea with purple reflections. But lavender in Haute-Provence can not be reduced to sumptuous postcard landscapes.It is also heritage that we speak these plants whose bloom lasts only a few weeks, from June to August.

The memory of lavender and its 2,000 farmers is found along roads that crisscross the region, from Vercors to Verdon, through the Baronnies and Luberon.

Cultivated at the time of the Romans to scent baths and linen, lavender appeared in Provence in the Middle Ages for its olfactory and medicinal virtues. But it is in the nineteenth century that the culture of this flower develops. The perfumeries of Grasse then resort to the essential oil of lavender fine to elaborate their elixirs. Difficult to grow, growing between 500 meters and 1500 meters on the sunny slopes of the mountains of Haute-Provence, fine lavender is the most noble of flowers. Its essential oil, the most refined, obtained the AOC "essential oil of Haute-Provence". It is increasingly supplanted by lavandin, a hybrid between true lavender and lavender aspic, a larger plant whose yield of essential oil is greater, but of lower olfactory quality. There are fewer and fewer traditional lavender distilleries, whose exploitation has become mechanized. However, there are still some family businesses in the region, where lavender is marketed in many forms ...

In addition to perfumery, lavender is used for its medicinal properties: antiseptic and bactericidal, it calms insect bites. In infusion, it has an anxiolytic and relaxing effect. Gourmets will learn with pleasure that it is also available in the form of ice cream, honey or biscuits.
Between flowering and harvest, from late May to early August, depending on the areas where it grows and, of course, the weather conditions of the year. Tip: Call local tourism offices to inquire about the state of flowering. The harvest of lavender takes place in summer because the high temperatures favor the rise of the essence in the secretory glands of the flower. After, most of the aroma evaporates.
There are lavender routes that run through Haute-Provence, from Drôme to the Alpes-Maritimes via Vaucluse and the Alpes de Haute-Provence. It is possible to visit farms and distilleries, to buy handicrafts, to participate in lavender parties or hikes.

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